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BC Fitness+ Cafe is all about growing a healthy community by promoting active lifestyles with particular emphasis on the sport of cycling. We provide a variety of services to residents in the Redlands area and elsewhere. For our local customers we have a fitness studio where we offer performance indoor cycling classes, spin classes, as well as sports fitness, and a senior fitness program, with a Cafe where people can enjoy a cup of coffee with their friends. We also provide personal training and coaching, precision bike fitting. Our coaches teach cycling skills sessions, cycling etiquette, and mentor group rides. These services are tailored for individuals, groups and ability levels and we understand that you are an individual with your own goals and limitations. This is why we offer a wide range of programs so that we can meet your needs. We can help guide you whether you are looking to build confidence and safety, maintain general fitness, or are trying to make a professional career out of cycling.

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