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Adaptive fit

This is a fitting to your current bike, using computer analysis tools to achieve an optimal fit. Includes follow up adjustments as necessary.


Precision fit

This uses the PurelyCustom Fitcycle and computer analysis tools to help clients choose  the perfect new bike that you can purchase on your own. The price includes assistance with learning to use the data from the Fitcycle session, and any follow up adjustments once you get your new bike. This session also includes shoe-to-cleat fit. You will leave with a thorough understanding of your optimal bike fit geometry and numbers.

Quick fit

This is a fit designed for junior cyclists who are rapidly growing and require frequent re-adjustment to their bike (or to a new bike). It can also be used by adults who want a scaled-down version of an adaptive fit.


Seat fit

This is a session on the Purley Custom Fitcycle, which allows for rapid change-over of saddles. We put in your bike numbers, and you can then cycle through all of our available saddles to systematically find one that is best suited to you. You can then demo that saddle for up to 2 weeks with a $50 refundable deposit.

Shoe cleat fit

This involves measuring the foot and ankle position in relation to the cycling shoe, and optimizing cleat position on your shoe. This often includes placement  of wedges between cleats and shoes. Wedges cost extra. Most people do not need more than 4 wedges total (2/foot).

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