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As a team of experienced coaches and skills instructors, and athletes ourselves, we are dedicated to keeping cyclists of all skill levels safe. In conjunction with our devotion to skill development and coaching, we also specialize in fitting athletes to their bikes or helping them find one perfect for their geometry.


Our professional coaches Rachael Wilson and Melissa Locher use exercise-science alongside years of cycling and physiological experience to inform and instruct


Our coaches are dedicated to training their athletes in more way than one. Plans are responsive and tailored to the goals of the client


A proper bike-fit can be revolutionary for a rider and hard to do on your own. Rachael Wilson uses professional tools and techniques


Progressive and purposeful skills development fosters safety of the roads can work all the up to advanced race skills


Our coaches are dedicated to training their athletes in more way than one. Rather than simply supplying training plans and general advice, we offer individual coaching, daily contact, and most importantly, individualized skills clinics.



Guided by exercise-science, our experienced and certified coaches and mentors offer professional personal training, beginner to advanced skills clinics, and a healthy community around cycling as a sport for the weekend-warrior group riders to the pro-level racers. 


Our main goal in and skill development is to help athletes achieve their own goals in cycling.  This may be accomplished through a formal training plan design, but also through on-the-bike skill development appropriate to the athlete's chosen goals.  We focus on the whole athlete and their long-term development, taking into account any factors that might help them succeed, including fit issues, nutrition, strength/ flexibility/ core, skill development, and training.

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